My time at portia workbench upgrade

my time at portia workbench upgrade

As is with the Assembly Station, you can move and upgrade the Worktable from the A&G Construction Catalog. You will need to upgrade the Worktable twice as. My Time At Portia Role-playing video game Gaming Your "reward" for upgrading the work table is the recipes for all of the items shown. Weapons and items like the smelter or furnace can all be upgraded through this process. Once you're given a blueprint for an upgrade, just go. FREE NETWORK MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE CISCO My time at portia workbench upgrade citrix login ycsd


Tools Weapons Clothing Accessories. Raw Refined Relic. Relic pieces. Map Dee-Dee Stops Fishing spots. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Edit source History Talk 0. Do you like this video? Play Sound. Categories Buildings Shops Add category. Cancel Save. Universal Conquest Wiki. Level 4 upgrade - alternative appearance Player must already have basic level 4 upgrade Has larger footprint than basic level 4 upgrade No additional features added except new appearance.

Level 2 upgrade Medium constructs can be assembled. View all medium constructs here. Level 3 upgrade All constructs can be automatically assembled. Level 2 upgrade Level 2 Worktable recipes unlocked. Level 3 upgrade Level 3 Worktable recipes unlocked. Level 1: Allows for automatic continuous production of resources with highly increased output.

Level 2 upgrade: Increase the number of machines that can be installed from 20x to 30x. Coop Allows raising Coop animals chickens and ducks Houses up to 8 animals. The exterior of the level 2 and higher houses include a balcony. Outdoor furniture and relic items can be placed on this balcony, though the balcony does not count as part of the yard. Therefore, any relics placed on the balcony will not be seen by NPCs. Additionally, though Banquet Tables can fit on the balcony, NPCs tend to have issues pathing walking up to the balcony, so it is not advised to use Banquet Tables on the balcony for parties.

The empty space underneath the balcony is still considered part of the yard. The yard contains the house, Assembly Station, Worktable, crafting stations, all exterior furnishings, and plot upgrades. The starting property is total squares, with an additional 2x6 area of unusable space by the gate.

The cost to upgrade the workshop property can be reduced by improving the player's relationship with Mayor Gale. Plot expansion allows for a bigger yard. In subsequent order, the plot expansion increases in size but also increases the cost of expanding. The Worktable and Assembly Station are the two key non-craftable workstations that the player will utilize throughout the game. These stations must be upgraded to at least Worktable Level 3 and Assembly Station Level 2 in order to finish the game.

Other crafting stations can be crafted and placed anywhere in the yard or on the player's balcony available after the player has upgraded to at least the Level 2 house. Unlike the unlimited amount of items the player can place in their yard on PC version, console players are limited to placing a maximum of 50 production items and 50 decor items. Throughout the game, the player will receive mail via the mailbox outside the Workshop. These letters contain general information, events, missions , Gifts , crafting recipes, and sometimes notes from angry citizens.

The presence of a new letter is indicated over the mailbox, with a special marker for letters that start quests. There is no limit to how much mail the mailbox can hold, and all mail is stored in the mailbox in chronological order. The resource box is a special red storage chest that sits on the ground next to the mailbox.

Items gathered by any helpers will be placed here for the player to retrieve at their discretion. Upon unlocking the Tree Farm and Dana's Mining Company and paying for their resource delivery services, crafting materials from those services will also be delivered to the resource box each morning.

If left unattended for a few days, the resource box will emit a red glow and an icon will show up, alerting the player that it is full. My Time at Portia Wiki Explore. Time Season Weather Festivals Birthdays. Gathering Quarrying Logging Fishing Farming. Creatures Farm animals Mounts Pets. Universal gifts Gift preferences Special gifts.

Marriage Parenthood. Consumables Buff consumables Health consumables Stamina consumables Permanent consumables Restaurant consumables. Tools Weapons Clothing Accessories. Raw Refined Relic. Relic pieces. Map Dee-Dee Stops Fishing spots. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Edit source History Talk 0. Do you like this video?

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Worktable Upgrade! - Let's Play My Time At Portia #10

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my time at portia workbench upgrade

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