Interview questions and answers for citrix admin

interview questions and answers for citrix admin

+ Citrix Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: Explain what is Citrix? Question2: List out the Major Citrix components? Question3: List out the. + Citrix Xenapp Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: What is Citrix XML Service? Question2: How to change the port number? Manages the creation, configuration and administration of all delegated administrative permissions. Monitoring Service. Monitors the overall FMA architecture. MYSQL WORKBENCH AWS EC2 Interview questions and answers for citrix admin paragon free backup software review

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interview questions and answers for citrix admin


You want to see if they know how to start with a business outcome and work backward into the technology. Good signs are, asking specific business-related questions such as: How do you envision the end goal, what are you trying to accomplish? It simply lets the users remotely connect to others. It is possible among the users to share the sessions only because of the Shadowing approach. With it, the users are always free to get the outcomes in the shortest possible time. Well, Netscaler is an approach that simply avoids the low internet speed in which desktop streaming is involved and is based on a central server.

On the virtualization solution, excellent support is available that simply let the users keep up the pace with this. It is basically a component that is based on the server-side and defines the architecture of the XenDesktop.

One of its key roles is to manage user access and enhance connections. This is exactly what makes sure of reliable data transfer among the nodes within the same server. Leveling may not be the same depending on the host and at each level, there is a security check of the implementation of the protocol that simply makes sure of a secure approach for all the apps under consideration.

This task can be accomplished in three ways. The very first one is the Network Printer in which the printer driver should be available on the Citrix server. This is basically a connected printer server and the driver. Next is the Client printer in which the drivers are present on the Citrix server again and it is connected to the workstations within the network.

Last is a Local printer which is connected to all local devices and the drivers are present on the print operation. Before storing the data into the memory the StoreFront perform a basic task and i. The VDA cannot register themselves with the controllers during such a scenario. Whenever the new sessions will be launched, they will remain unavailable It is because of this reason users cannot directly access the desktops and the applications.

In case the sessions are already connected, it will continue to work with the same. VDA is equipped with a useful feature and i. Yes, this is possible and an approach known as Replication can be applied for this task easily. Simply the driver of the printer is replicated and is provided to the concerned server. However, it is necessary to install the driver at the same location from where the replication process is initiated. This seems quite similar to that of mapping which is an approach that is used for mapping the driver software for the domain users only.

There are several Load Evaluators which are present and they simply make sure of accomplishing a lot of important tasks without bringing the users to adopt the complex approaches. Ravindra Savaram is a Content Lead at Mindmajix. You can stay up to date on all these technologies by following him on LinkedIn and Twitter. Open Menu. Course Categories.

AI and Machine Learning. API Management and Testing. Big Data. Business Intelligence and Analytics. Cloud Computing. Data Science. Programming and Frameworks. Software and Automation Testing. Close Menu. Citrix NetScaler Interview Questions. Get Trained And Certified. What according to you are the services that Citrix can easily provide?

What is Citrix Receiver? You will be migrating from XenApp 6. What is the Role of the XenDesktop Controller? What are the types of Printer Terminology in Citrix? What do you know about Shadowing in the Citrix? Mention a few Load evaluators which are present in the Citrix?

What are the load evaluators which support Citrix? What is Citrix? Name any three important ports which are directly associated with the Citrix Services? What do you understand from the Web Interface in Citrix? Can you tell something about the components in Citrix and how they are different from one another? Is there any boundation on the refresh time for the Local Host Cache? What exactly do you know about the Data Store in Citrix? What kind of information can it store?

What exactly do you know about the connection leasing process? Is it possible in Citrix to clear the XenServer cache? Yes, this is possible and the users can perform this task through the command prompt. Abbreviate LHC in the Citrix? Is there any Default test available in the recovery tool? What do you think is the benefit of the same? Imagine a Server is totally dead from the Citrix Management Console, what would be the action you will take in such a situation?

What is the significance of the Citrix Access Gateway? Tell about the significance of the Zones in the Citrix environment? You have been asked to reduce the time on Citrix support calls, by making sure your Citrix XenApp 6. Citrix Scout What are some underlying factors you should consider during your research and planning phase? How would you accomplish this? What software or utility does Citrix provide to help you make sure your applications will be compatible with the R2 OS before the migration?

Can you name two of the services required to be running on the Provisioning Server for it to function? What built-in Citrix functionality would you use to do so? What feature in PVS would you use to accomplish this? Subnet Affinity You are preparing a PVS master target device which is created on VMware vSphere virtual hardware version 10 or higher.

What free tool from Citrix will allow you to analyze your log files, profile your Citrix environment, scan for known issues and attach a log file to a Citrix support ticket. Citrix Insight Services or TaaS Explain a difficult challenge you had with XenApp and or XenDesktop and what you did to solve it?

A17 — It should be fairly simple for an experienced person to come up with something. Explain what you do to keep up your professional development? If you were tasked to architect a Citrix XenDesktop 7. What according to you is the biggest issue that can be solved by the Netscaler? Explain What Is Citrix? Answer : It is an application deployment system.

With Citrix, one can access the customized application and can also delivered to remote systems. It also allows file transfer from home computer to office computer and e-mail accessing. Question 2. Question 3. Question 4. Explain What Is Data Store? Answer : Data store is a database which consists of all the configuration information needed by the Citrix farm. Changes can be made at any time to the Meta Frame Server. The changes are persisted in the data store. It will data store following information like.

Question 5. Question 6. Question 7. Answer : Citrix web interface software provides web access to Java, Unix and Windows applications which are hosted via Citrix application server software. Citrix offers server side control of hosted applications, while Citrix web interface makes applications accessible through a web browser interface. Question 8. Answer : Citrix XML broker behaves as an intermediary between the web interface and farm. It receives the credentials of the user from the web interface.

It retrieves the applications that have user permission to access. It is done by independent management architecture and returns to the web interface. XML broker detects the server in the farm, once the user is authenticated. It returns the address of the service rendering server to the web interface. It functions between IMA service and web interface. Question 9. Question Answer : Load evaluators that are supported in Citrix includes. Answer : The LHC information is found in the file imalhc.

Explain What Is Citrix Reciever? Answer : Citrix receiver is a collection of suite of products that enables client devices to connect to various desktop virtualization services offered by Citrix. It also enables instant access to the users and secure access to the company. Any information resource can be retrieved by using CAG with secure, single point access, always on features.

It supports various types of applications including IP telephony. Any application which is hosted on Citrix Presentation Server can be used in a secured manner. Answer : To remove dead server from the Citrix Management Console you have to run. Answer : In Citrix, shadowing resembles for one user to join remotely to another user. One user can use the session of another user remotely. What Is Datastore In Citrix. Answer : Datastore is the citrix database which stores all the static information about the farm.

Answer : Desktop virtualization provides optimizations techniques to deliver the applications, data and desktop environment to the users. It further provides the security by managing all the applications and desktop systems at one place. It manages and updates different static desktop images from one place and allows the customization of applications to provide high performance, security and portability to each user.

Answer : Citrix xend virtualization provides a single solution for desktop virtualization that gives on demand services for desktop and other applications. It allows the user to securely deliver the resources through the web to PCs and to the client area with high end user experience. Answer : Citrix xen desktop provides high level of virtualization to help businesses build their tool and increase their output or productivity day by day.

The features that are provided are as follows:. Answer : Citrix has provided a platform that gives desktop virtualization and it delivers the desktop services and applications from anywhere to the users. It reduces the complexity and improves the security of the data. It provides a centralized place to manage the datacenter. It delivers high end experience for the user and provides high latency in the network.

It offers reduced time for execution of the application and flexibility in the delivering customized desktops to both virtual and physical devices. Answer : The three phases provided by Citrix Xen is as follows:. Answer : Desktop virtualization provides the desktop operating system its environment and applications from the datacenter, whereas application virtualization only brings application from the datacenter.

Desktop virtualization brings only the desktop features not the application related to it, whereas application keep the desktop separate and bring only those applications that are required at a particular time. This way optimization and efficiency can be maintained. Answer : Citrix xen desktop virtualization comes in different flavors and they are as follows:.

Answer : Virtual desktop interface is a form of desktop virtualization, whereas desktop virtualization is itself a different entity that is separated with others. VDI create a virtual machine and execute the user's desktop inside it, whereas desktop virtualization allows running the customized desktop without any virtual machines. VDI works only for few users that have different demands but it is unsuitable to meet all the demands for all users, whereas desktop virtualization meet and provide all the required features to the user.

Answer : Citrix xen provides high end functionalities to the user for desktop virtualization. It also provide the following features such as:. Answer : Citrix xen server provides server virtualization that enables one platform to host multiple operating system, whereas citrix xen desktop provides desktop virtualization that enables many operating systems to be shared in the datacenter.

Citrix xen server allow the utilization of the server to be maximum, whereas citrix desktop virtualization allows better performance and efficiency as it is controlled and managed from one place. Answer : Citrix Xen Desktop is a Desktop virtualization solution for business that need smart management of Desktops. Administrators need not manage applications individually on machines rather it can be done on the go with Citrix Xen Server, remotely.

Citrix Xen Desktop enables the client machines to stream a live Desktop to the their machines through centralized Xen Server. This process dynamically assembles desktops for each user. These images are maintained by administrators and according to the user tasks these images are deployed. What Is Single Instance Management? Answer : A Single Instance Management is referred as a task to apply updates and packages just once that is on the images that are maintained by the administrators at Xen Server.

This means less storage is required to handle desktop in datacenter. This provides easy to manage features to the maintainers or administrators of the IT departments. Answer : Citrix Xen Desktop can be accessed globally from anywhere at any time and any device.

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