Splashtop enterprise server edition

splashtop enterprise server edition

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Under Attack. Splashtop Remote became popular when it was released in because it was one of the first and best remote control apps for iPads, and it got a huge boost when LogMeIn discontinued its free remote control program in and started a sustained campaign to raise its prices. Small business employees frequently need a way to connect to their office computers from a home computer or a laptop on the road.

When you start the Splashtop app, it will display the computers that you can access remotely. You can connect instantly. There are simple controls in a dropdown panel at the top. You can send a Ctrl-Alt-Del if needed to get a login screen, expand the display to fullscreen, and switch monitors if you have dual screens at the office. Splashtop supports remote printing. Splashtop also has a nice window for file transfers. The office computer has to be turned on and not asleep.

There are different apps for different Splashtop products. If you have a Splashtop Business account, make sure you get the Splashtop Business app for your computer. There are different versions of Splashtop apps on iPads, iPhones and Android devices. Same thing: If you have a Splashtop Business account, make sure you get the Splashtop Business app for your tablet or phone.

The Business app is free with a Business account. You can watch an installation video and get answers to questions here. One user can connect to up to 5 computers. The personal plan is cheap and might work for an individual with limited needs. Each user can connect to up to 10 computers.

Mobile apps are free and all features are enabled. Splashtop also has plans for IT professionals at a fraction of the cost of competing products especially LogMeIn Rescue, a former market leader that is now vastly overpriced. Microsoft builds a remote access portal into its Server Essentials products the successor to the old stalwart Small Business Server. It provides access to server files in a browser for downloading and uploading, and remote access to onsite computers using a customized version of Remote Desktop.

It is finicky. I find myself constantly sending tips to users to help them connect. Try entering your user name with the domain name. Hang on while I go fix the fiddly bits of things that are broken in Remote Gateway Management. No one uses the portal for anything except remote access to an onsite computer; its other features are seldom used.

Switching over to Splashtop creates a better experience for users and ends up being cheaper when all costs are taken into account.

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Simplify your software search in just 15 minutes.

Splashtop enterprise server edition The vendor offers online support to customers Hope this helps. The solution also features chat and enables users to print documents on remote devices. In our testing it ran slower than LogMeIn and Teamviewer. Refer to Web Remote.
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DeskRoll Remote Desktop is a remote access software which allows you access your computer remotely from anywhere on any device, including your mobiles. It is highly secure and has got a good customer support system. You can add unlimited remote computers and clients to your account without any extra charges.

IT is the fastest and easiest Remote Asset Management software. Quite cost-effective and easily connect with any remote computer. This is desktop based application to deliver unattended and on-request support to customers found anyplace. Includes fully-integrated security and cloud scalability. Sign up for a free trial today! Always Free for MSPs. Free setup assistance. Reboot Restore software is a comprehensive Windows System Restore solution that empowers end users with each reboot.

Good server software with good amount of inbuilt safety , gui is also great and user friendly. I suggest business should go for enterprise edition. It's a value for money software and i am using it for last several years and never faced any problem with the software. I can export the file also in a text format. It also has integrated X server. The web-based solution works as an excellent assistant.

It is extremely helpful in streamlining and bringing together the different fragments of an organization management. I could feel a sense of relief within a week of me and my staff using it. We have a quick access to everything in our organization now. TeamViewer provides unparalleled ease of use and flexibility. It even works across firewalls, and is available in more than 30 languages.

As an all-in-one software solution that includes unattended remote access, multiple remote connections at the same time from a single computer. Mikogo offers a free screen sharing software solution, which thousands of companies worldwide use to facilitate their online meetings and web conferences.

Remote desktop system Wayk Now is a light-weight application that lets you handle concurrent remote sessions securely. Alongside this, it provides file transfer, chat, and clipboard Sharing facilities too. Beyond trust, help desk software provides privileged access and defend against threat related to unwanted remote access. Its flexible design simplifies the integration, maximize security and enhance user productivity.

It is one of the best remote support software, which is meant for sysadmins, technicians and engineers providing IT support to their clients. This software facilitates secure access to remote devices, active directory administration, password management, etc.

Free Demo Get Pricing. Write a Review. A comprehensive list of competitors and best alternatives to Splashtop. Showing 1 - 15 of 24 products. Zoho Assist Verified Profile. Learn more about Zoho Assist. Zoho Assist vs Splashtop.

Visit Website. Has a solid file transfer mode Learn more about RemotePC. RemotePC vs Splashtop. AeroAdmin Verified Profile. Learn more about AeroAdmin. View Mobile Number. AnyDesk vs Splashtop. RealVNC Connect. Remote Utilities. Learn more about Remote Utilities. Be the first one to review Remote Utilities. Learn more about Ammyy. Ammyy vs Splashtop.

Bomgar Remote Desktop. Learn more about Bomgar Remote Desktop. Starting Price: Available on Request. Learn more about TightVNC. Be the first one to review TightVNC. We have no relation to SimpleHelp other than being their customer. Learn more about DeskRoll. Be the first one to review DeskRoll.

IT Verified Profile. Learn more about FixMe. Be the first one to review FixMe. Moreover, this on-premises tool might not be the best fit if you want to migrate your business tools to the cloud. Since both DRS and Splashtop are designed for high-level, advanced business use, we found they share many similarities.

However, a key difference between these solutions that we found is DRS offers a greater range of specialist features, such as multiple options for accessing out-of-band and unresponsive devices. You can access a day free trial he r e. Splashtop offers both cloud and on-premises deployment options.

DRE is a lightweight, cloud-based remote desktop solution users can access from anywhere they have steady connection to the internet. This tool typically allows you to connect to workstations in less than eight seconds, enabling you to launch remote control sessions efficiently and rapidly.

As in Splashtop, DRE uses advanced bit AES encryption and support for multi-factor authentication to help ensure optimal security levels without negatively impacting performance or productivity. Here, you can add sensitive data and change and recover passwords in just a few clicks.

We believe DRE can also save administrators and IT professionals time and improve productivity by displaying key information at the start of each remote support session. Key information includes updates, event logs, BIOS, device details, and pertinent system info. With this information at your disposal, you can solve problems without delay. While Splashtop saves your recordings to your local computer, DRE automatically saves recordings to your cloud platform.

This minimizes the chance of your recordings getting deleted or lost. DRE also lets you take screenshots of sessions. Having access to suitable reporting capabilities plays a crucial part in delivering successful and efficient remote monitoring support. DRE displays data visually in the form of graphs and charts, where appropriate, for ease of interpretation. We believe a key difference between Splashtop and DRE is DRE can also incorporate a help desk utility into its offering , enabling users to submit support requests via the dedicated agent.

This lightweight help desk can help reduce business costs by eliminating the need for investment in an external help desk solution. With this utility, support tickets can be assigned in just a few clicks, and the support technician can add comments as appropriate.

Both Splashtop and DRE provide a range of features designed to enable instant correspondence between the end user and support technicians during active remote control sessions. For instance, Splashtop and DRE both support live chat, allowing technicians and customers to correspond directly either in-session or pre-session. DRE also lets you conduct video calls and VoIP calls, letting you communicate without needing to disrupt remote sessions. Chats are automatically saved to cloud-based session logs, so they can be referred to in future.

With its support for session recording and screenshots, quick connection speeds, versatile reporting engine, and lightweight help desk ticketing system, we feel SolarWinds DRE provides an all-in-one solution for remote access that makes it among the best alternatives to Splashtop.

However, if your company already has a ticketing tool and you are only wanting to implement a standard remote access solution, DRE may not be right for your company. A day free trial of DRE is available for download here. TeamView e r is another popular Splashtop alternative, Android and iOS compatible, often used for non-business, personal use.

This affordable tool might be used, for example, to help family or friends resolve personal IT issues. To set up TeamViewer, you just need to download the program from the TeamViewer website and complete the installation process. TeamViewer can also be set up without any installation. We found Splashtop, on the other hand, has a longer setup process. Once setup is complete, you will have to download the program on both devices you want to connect. This is similar to the Splashtop process, which requires you to install the Splashtop application on both devices.

During the TeamViewer installation, you have the option of setting the tool up to support unattended remote support sessions. With TeamViewer, we found it easy to establish secure and rapid remote connections to numerous devices. If TeamViewer is being used ad hoc, simply run the app and use the controlling machine to log in and establish the connection, enabling you to control the other machine and screen share. TeamViewer is implemented as a server and a client, so it can be used to gain control or authorize control of a machine.

Other key TeamViewer features include support for launching several remote sessions simultaneously as browser tabs. You are also able to copy and paste, using your clipboard, to move information from one machine to another, for added convenience. Transferring files is equally simple, with the TeamViewer drag-and-drop utility. We think TeamViewer is very easy to use, requiring no experience or training, and is especially suited to non-business, personal use but can also be leveraged in corporate environments.

TeamViewer is cost-effective, scalable, and offers support for all popular operating systems, across mobile devices and desktop. Like Splashtop, TeamViewer features also include support for video and audio calls, live chat, and file sharing. However, we believe a fallback of this program is its enterprise edition might be considered expensive.

We found another disadvantage is some TeamViewer users complain of low image quality. If you would like to try TeamViewer for yourself, a d ay free trial is available. VNC Connect, a free and open-source alternative to Splashtop, is frequently updated to accommodate the changing needs and expectations of users.

VNC Connect even introduced support for HD audio, which creates a significantly more immersive remote access experience, because users requested it. This tool is highly flexible, offering an array of options and customizations, so you can leverage the solution in the way best suited to your requirements and preferences.

VNC Connect is a versatile tool with support for attended and unattended remote access, cloud and direct connectivity, pre-installation, and on-demand connections. We believe one of the most notable strengths of VNC Connect is the impressive number of options it provides, which allow you to make this solution your own.

We think another notable benefit of this tool is its affordability—the price plan is subscription-based, allowing you to establish connections across your ecosystem with minimal cost.

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